Nicole Schapiro & Associates Services

Nicole Schapiro and Associates create customized keynote speeches, training seminars and facilitates executive coaching for small, medium and Fortune 100 companies around the world. But no matter the service or product, Nicole specializes on the human capital of an organization, and through a focus on strategy of the head, heart and gut, Nicole consults with her clients to create and maintain a feel good environment in which people are willing, able and committed to achieve desired results through interpersonal and technological transactions.

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Passionate, Practical and Inspiring

Nicole has received numerous accolades for her powerful, passionate, practical and inspiring keynote presentations from hundreds of global organizations. Her "Opening the Day," "Luncheon," and "Closing the Conference" presentations are customized to each organization. Find Out More »

Customized to
Client's Needs

The training programs and workshops offered by Nicole Schapiro and Associates are customized to the specific needs of our clients' industry, organizational structure, workforce environment and internal and/or external customers. Find Out More »

Fulfill Executive Potential

As an advisor on strategy and as an executive coach, Nicole Schapiro helps executives, managers, and supervisors to:
Overcome their leadership liabilities and fulfill their executive potential.
Fine-tune their skills in strategy, communication, decision-making, speaking and more. Find Out More »